08 July 2005

A vacation from vacation ...

This is a picture from my grandmother's album - sadly, no one in the family seems to be sure who it is, but I thought it fit today's entry.

We have all had baths & showers and slept soundly in our own beds. Everyone is wearing dry clothes. Max has played with all his tiny toys - Legos, PlayMobile, etc. Nicky and Rowen have colored in their coloring books. Gilbert and Spin, our bird & cat, have basked in our presence. Niek called the doggie hotel to check on Xavier, who is having a wonderful time (and should, at the cost! Next year, we're talking about lodging dogs rather than vacationing!) The weather forecast continues to call for rain through tonight, so we are debating on rather or not to stay home for one more night. The rainfall of the past couple of days has broken all records for over 200 years. Global warming, anyone?

If we do stay home another day, I plan to call my friend Kelli, who is expecting her twin boys any day now (or may already have them!).

A few other items of business:

Congratulations to my brother and his family on the purchase of their new, large, lovely home! I haven't yet been able to say congratulations personally, sorry!

Good luck to my father and his wife-to-be, who were underway to their wedding when the RV broke down. I hope the wait for parts is a short one!

Best of luck at the racetrack to my Dad and his girlfriend, who are 'down' in Bangor watching the annual races with friends and family.

And heartfelt get-well wishes to my mom, who came down with some nasty bug and is now feeling very under the weather.

As for me, I think I'll see if I can't sneak in a few stitches while the kids play. My current project is riddled with quarter stitches and I feel like half of it is actually two-over-one stitching. Very easy to lose count, and agonizingly slow progress.

Best wishes to all. I'll miss you once we are back on the campground.

(Camping with young children, by the way, is something I would only recommend to the stout-hearted!)
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