30 June 2005

Testing the waters ...
After reading a number of blogs and corresponding with their owners, I've worked up enough courage to take the plunge. Just picture me standing at the edge of the quarry hole, ready to jump down into the blue-blue water, pinching my nose shut....

Because my main hobby is cross stitching and I originally hail from Downeast Maine, I've decided to call this quiet little space Mainely Stitching. I'm a pretty reserved person by nature, and I thought it would be a little easier to start off by talking about my hobby with anyone who is interested. I'll post some pictures and the usual sort of stuff.

In addition to cross stitching, I'm the mother of three kids ages 1, 2, and 7. I'd have laughed myself silly if you'd told me 10 years I'd have three kids. It's a pretty radical change in lifestyle from where I was in my 20's. But that's what our 20's are for, in my opinion: Taking life on, no holds barred, and making sure you don't miss anything you might later regret. I did not want to look at myself in the mirror at 30- or 40-something and say, "I wish I'd done that." Fortunately, I don't often say, "I wish I hadn't done that." There are times, but that's for another entry.

I'm also married, very happily I'm delighted to say, to what must be the best man I've ever met. He puts up with me in my cranky moods, does laundry, plays with the kids, and walks the dog without complaint no matter how hard it's raining. Those are only a few of his good traits ;-0

I'm a technical writer by profession, which also causes me no end of amazement and giggles at the sense of humor Life has. Here is part of a true story to illustrate how incredibly non-technical I am: On my first day at work (as a technical editor, my humble beginning) I did not even know how to turn my computer on! My mom raised kids who can, when necessary, bluff their way through anything, thankfully! Otherwise I'd probably be that nameless gal who waters the plants in your office once a week. And then I couldn't afford all the nifty things I just have to have for cross stitching. How sad!

When I was in high school, I'm sort of embarassed to admit, I thought I would be a writer. You know, a real one who writes books you want to read, and discuss, and even disagree with. Not the type who writes software manuals.... I try to console myself by the fact that at least I am a writer, of sorts. When I was in university, I flirted with the idea of going into academics, but by the time my four years was "up" I had lost all interest in anything related to university life.

I live in Europe - the Netherlands, to be specific - which would impress the hell out of my teenage self. However, I've found that life is pretty much the same wherever you live. You're the one making your life, so where you are making that life is secondary to the simple fact that you're the main character.

I guess that will suffice for a little bit of an introduction to who I am, at least superficially.

On the subject of cross stitching, I am trying to become a faster stitcher (there are so many projects I want to do!!) so I have entered a contest that ends within 6 weeks and I've promised myself that I will have 5 submissions ready. So far, I've done two in less than 2 weeks so I am off to a good start. I've just completed "Delivering Posies" by Homespun Elegance, shown at the top of this entry. It was a fast, easy stitch that I'd like to do again, one-over-one on an envelope. Before that I did "Better A Small Fish" by Praire Schooler, which my husband picked out. Because I have this thing about authority, I find it impossible to follow the directions regarding colors and stuff, so I always pick my own colors. I think for the PS piece, the choice was unusually good. Prior to that I did one of those fantastic Teresa Wentzler free dragons for my older son ("Futurecast") in reds, oranges, and yellows.

We are preparing to go away for two weeks on a camping trip (with three young kids - are we crazy?) and I've selected three smallish projects to take along, to make up my total of 5 submissions.

I'm eclectic in my choice of subject, and although I don't really know too much beyond the more common stitches, I'm always willing to take on something new. It doesn't always come out that well, but I've never had a project that I didn't learn something from.

Well, as Porky Pig said, tha-tha-tha-that's all folks!

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