13 December 2006
pretty post from abroad
Thank you, thank you Veronica! I received this beautiful ornament and a lovely card from Veronica in the mail. It's even prettier IRL. I'm displaying all our handmade gifties together - but when I tried to take a picture of them, they fell down (good thing I'm not a carpenter) and I need to re-attach the line. I'm too impatient to do that right now.

I've also packaged up my blue Quaker exchange to go out in tomorrow's mail. It was my intent to have it done well before the deadline (hopefully in time for Christmas) because my partner is someone I've just been waiting for a chance to spoil. ;> This would've been done earlier, but as I was finishing it up, I admitted to myself that I didn't really like it and I started over.

I'm so in the mood to do Christmas ornaments! It's very hard to get focused on the few charity items I need to do.

Remember to leave yourself time during the hectic holidays to relax and enjoy!

And goofin' around....
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(You would be amazed at which of these actually really suit me and which don't!)
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