25 November 2006
friday the thirteenth

No, I haven't lost all track of time again (like thinking it's October!), but it's just been a day. You know, one of those days when you wake up at the wrong time and think "Why did I bother getting out of bed?" Yesterday I was sick all day, compliments of Rowen sharing her virus with me, and today I dragged myself off to school only to find that the class has been rescheduled to next week. So I decided I should make my 1 hour drive worthwhile by stopping at Ikea on the way home to pick up some bedding we really needed for the kids. Then I thought that perhaps spending 80 odd euro on bedding wasn't really the wisest thing to do (we won't even discuss the state of my credit card - it'll give you nightmares!). Then I decided to begin our new program of doing one thing each day that we've procrastinated about (both Niek and I are notorious procrastinators). My thing was to finally make the cushions for the dining chairs - something I've put off for over six months. Well, they're done - to the best of my limited ability - and the first thing my dearly beloved said was, "They've got funny floopy things at the back." Yes, well, I haven't figured out how to do zippers but I wanted the covers to come off so they could be washed (our kids think the chairs are actually large napkins), so I made neat seams on the back. But they are indeed rather floopy. Sigh. I should've just done some cross stitching.

Tomorrow is BIL Frank's birthday party. It should be fun to see everyone again, and especially fun to see the cousins all playing together.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
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