16 November 2006
my one-woman war against time
Buy that girl a calendar and teach her how to use it! The 11th month is November, not October! And losing track of the current month isn’t something I’m allowed to use as an excuse for missed birthday until I pass retirement age. And then there’s the problem with the clocks in this house. They don’t work! I make a lot of jokes about my days only having 16 hours instead of the standard 24, but the truth is that my clocks just stop without any rhyme or reason. I put new batteries in all the battery-operated ones about 2 weeks ago (the last time they all stopped). One worked for about 15 minutes. The other one stopped working this morning. Only the one that is in Max’s room (safely out of my reach) still works. So, new batteries again and now two of the three are working.

Of course, when it comes to time and the necessary attempts to manage it, I am my own worst enemy. With friends like me, I don’t need enemies. On Monday night I didn’t really do any stitching, but Monday is a crazy day (even by my standards), so I gave myself permission to laze around. Last night, however, was a very laid-back Tuesday and instead of finishing off a bookmark while watching CSI Miami, I goofed around behind the computer doing absolutely nothing! Shame on me! And here I have this impossibly long list of things I’d like to stitch. And books I have to study. Or I could’ve even been sensible and simply gone to bed early. Instead, I frittered away the hours till Niek returned from his chess competition and accomplished nothing. Shame on me!

Wednesday is always a half day of school here, unless there’s no school at all, so it’s pretty difficult to get anything done. But there is this evening. Hope springs eternal. Oops, I nearly forgot - I have an appointment at my new gym! So much for evening stitching!

This is the only Christmas gift I stand any chance of finishing, at my current rate. I can’t say who it’s for, but I will say that I like it enormously much. Niek carefully said it’s “different” which is usually a code word for “weird”.

Thank you so much for continuing to visit here and read my ramblings. (((smiles)))
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