06 November 2006
you've been warned
So far, only Dianne has signed on for the pay-it-forward fun - if no one else signs up, you better watch out because I might just send you something anyway! You've been warned!!

Today was mostly a lovely day. Great weather - cool and damp in a satisfyingly autumn-ish way. Work went well and then I had fun walking the dogs at the local shelter. Of course Rigby got his walksies, too, and also a couple of bike rides. After upsetting the neighbors yesterday, I didn't dare leave him home alone even for the hour I do dog-walking at the shelter. We biked over to the daycare after dark to pick up Nicky and Rowen, which was just really fun. The Dutch have this great word, gezellig, for situations that are cozy and comforting and all sort of fleecy-feel-good - all of which perfectly captures the mood of biking in the dark with your two favorite babies and your best dog-pal with the smell of woodsmoke and leaves and dampness in the air.

I say the day was mostly lovely because I have a rotten old headache tonight that's keeping me from stitching, which makes me feel stressful because I have three charity deadlines looming over me. Of course feelings stressful makes my headache worse so it's a nasty cycle. One which I plan to end very shortly by taking a pain killer and going to bed, like a sensible person would've done at least an hour ago.

My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods) Today, I'm feeling: sore!
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