29 October 2006
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Thank you all for your anniversary wishes - Niek and I enjoyed a wonderful evening, thanks to him. I was in school all day and we couldn't get a babysitter for the evening, so he prepared a five-course meal for me when I got home! Can you believe that? My mom asked me if I could clone him, and age the clone.... LOL! He's amazing! This anniversary is actually that of our first date - our wedding anniversary isn't till May, but for me, this is the big one. Niek changed my life the first night we met, though more than a year passed (nearly two!) before we actually went out on a date. Neither one of us can remember much of the meal from our first date - just the annoying man at the next table who kept puffing away on his cigar all through the meal. We remember talking ... and talking ... and talking! There must've been a cosmic clicking noise that night, because two people who really belong together finally found each other.

Ahem, on to stitching matters! I finally received my woodland MA exchange. This is my last one, at least with this group. I do love mailart envelopes, but they are very time consuming and the exchanges can be terribly lopsided, so I'll go back to doing them just for fun for special occassions. I received this very pretty envelope from Cici. She also enclosed two skeins of silk from The Thread Gatherer. She hand-dyed this fabric herself, and I just love the color. I didn't photograph the other side of the envelope because there is no stitching there.

I'm worried about my pink Quaker exchange, which was mailed almost two weeks ago and still hasn't reached its recipient in the US. I've not experienced this kind of delay for a small envelope packet. I was so pleased with this project - it will be a huge disappointment if it's gone missing.

School yesterday was an eye-opening experience. I need to really invest a lot more time in studying. It's just so hard to give up any of my stitching time! Especially with the holidays approaching. Sigh.

The sun is out and it is a gorgeous autumn day here. I hope you're enjoying a beautiful day, too!!
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  • At Tuesday, 31 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous

    Barbara, happy belated anniversary to you and Niek {{{hugs}}}

    Wow a 5 course meal - my goodness! What a lovely man your Niek is :)

    Try not to worry too much about your Quaker exchange (though I can talk!!) but Im sure it will get there soon!

    I think everybody must be starting to send their christmas cards, goodies etc to all their overseas friends, hence the delay in parcels being recieved.