13 October 2006
ssshhhh ... I'm studying!
Wow, we had a perfect autumn afternoon today! I finally got my 'sidecar' fixed up so I can once again cart both Nicky & Rowen around on my bike. It's not just an urge to do right by Mother Nature, I also want some extra activity to offset my missed fitness classes (which I had to give up) - if we bike everywhere, I just have to maintain some level of fitness, right? LOL. Anyway, Rowen is in love with the little cart and refused to get out of it after we got home - she sat there till dinnertime!

Stitching time has been nearly non-existent, but here's where I am with my anniversary gift. I love this little project and can't wait to see it framed and hung!

Now if I can just make it through my class tomorrow. I haven't studied enough to pass a quiz unless I get very lucky and he asks us to draw the Chinese symbols for the Five Elements. I also know the diagrams for the various sequences of the Five ELements. But, ahem, that's about it.

Meanwhile, I have not been able to do any stitching for upcoming birthdays. Friends, I am so sorry! Everyone has been so kind and generous and thoughtful with me, and I feel very badly about not returning that same level of friendship. I'd like to comfort myself with thoughts of making it all good for Christmas, but the truth is, I have such a backlog of commitments that I'm really not sure what the final outcome will be.
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  • At Friday, 13 October, 2006, Blogger Jenna

    You know what, Barbara? People do nice things for you because they like you, not because they expect anything in return. ;) Your friendship is more than enough! *hug*

  • At Saturday, 14 October, 2006, Blogger AnneS

    I agree with Jenna re the birthday gifts. You can only do what you can do, you shouldn't feel obliged to do anything more (I know what you mean, though). Our online friendships are worth so much more than actual gifts - they're the ultimate gift of all {hugs}.