26 September 2006
goofin' around
Ugh, I caught Rowen's cold-thingie and it's settled in my chest. Two nights without sleep - I keep waking myself up with coughing fits. I should go to bed now, but I'm half-afraid to try.

I haven't done too much stitching, and what little I have done is on the Harley logo, which I hope to pop in the mail to Linde at Quilts4Kids on Friday.

Big news for Thursday - I'm going to Amsterdam with Ash to meet Rachael and Cheryl. I don't actually have any idea who Cheryl is, but she must be a great person to share Rachael with everyone. LOL!

To prove that I've been goofing off shamelessly, here are a bunch of those silly and time-wasting blogthing quizzes that I've done. And now, I am off to bed. Cross your fingers for me!

In honor of Halloween, one of my favorite holidays:
You Are Scary

You even scare scary people sometimes!
How Scary Are You?

This one is funny because I don't "do" meat:
Meatball Pizza

Unusual and uncompromising.
You're usually the first to discover a new trend.
You appreciate a good meal and good company.
You're an interesting blend of traditional and modern.
What's Your Pizza Personality?

Always one of my favorite flavors, ever since childhood:
You Are a Green Apple Jelly Bean

Of all the flavors, you're the most complex and the most real. A little sweet, a little sour, and totally tangy. People can't describe you, but they love you!
What Flavor Jelly Bean Are You?

And as for this one, I could tell you stories ... but I won't:
You Are Lightning

Beautiful yet dangerous
People will stop and watch you when you appear
Even though you're capable of random violence

You are best known for: your power

Your dominant state: performing
What Type of Weather Are You?
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