01 September 2006
as if I didn't have enough
I'm occassionally frightened by how compulsive chart collecting can be. (We will not talk about fabric and fiber collecting. Thankfully I'm not much into beading and embellishing - yet!) As I mentioned, I have approximately one bazillion projects to do before November. And yet ...

The Cross Stitch Expo is up & running. I wanted to win some free charts, but that meant exposing myself to some new (to me) designers. And they were offering discounts for charts bought through the expo! And I did win several free ones! Am I forgiven?

Then I stumbled across Pam Kellogg's blog. How did I not know she has a blog? Anyway, she has dozens of free charts available on her blog. It takes an eternity to load (I would not even try if I were still stuck with dial-up) but it's well worth the time.

I see that it's nearing the Witching Hour and I'm tired enough to fall asleep sitting up. Why am I still up? I didn't even stitch anything tonight! Speaking of the Witching Hour and stitching, I had such high hopes of doing all kinds of fun Halloween designs this year. Has anyone else had more success than I have?

To end on a very happy note, the weather forecast calls for sun this weekend. This will be the first time since our return that we'll have a sunny day! Yippee!!
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