20 August 2006
here i am!
We actually arrived back in the Netherlands on Friday morning, but that whole day was "lost" in getting re-settled (grocery shopping, unpacking, checking in with neighbors, sorting out mail, etc.). I intended to blog yesterday, but the day flew by. Anyway, here I am!

We had a great flight back - and to anyone flying in or out of Maine, I recommend the Bangor Airport! I've never encountered such friendly, helpful airport staff anywhere else I've flown in the world (and that's taking in 5 countries' worth of airports!!). We are more or less over our jet lag now, too.

I have tons of stories to relate and pictures to share, but I'll start with some cross stitching photos of my stash. I'll be on the wagon till our next trip to the US!!

I had arranged for some Danish charts & booklets to be sent to my mom's address to save on postage, and I'd also pre-ordered some designs by Charley Harper to wait for me at ABC Stitch Therapy. Here are those pictures:

And there were some miscellaneous charts that just had to come home with me, even if that meant chucking some of my clothes out of the suitcase to make room. LOL!

I also bought a lot of DMC - flower thread, linen thread, and regular cotton (I'm trying for a full set of DMC stranded cotton). I got lucky at Marden's and found a lot of flower thread and some linen thread for only 19 cents per skein! Unfortunately, they didn't have "everything" but I sure added to my stash! I'll need those for the Danish patterns, which call for flower thread. Naturally, I had to bring home something Maine-made to keep my goodies in. My Daddy bought me a lovely cedar handmade basket (it smells amazing!) and Niek bought me a beautiful lupin-decorated piece of pottery made by local artist April Adams. Thank you both! These are wonderful keepsakes from Maine.

Sorry! Blogger won't take any more photos and Photobucket is on the fritz, so I'll have to post this picture seperately.
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