19 July 2006
leavin' on a jetplane
Wow, it's nearly time! We'll be flying overhead at this time tomorrow. I am just giddy with excitement. Soon I'll be seeing loved ones face-to-face that I've not seen in months (or years!!).

It's a hot one here today - the temps are expected to hit 36 degrees Celsius, which is like a million Farenheit. No, I can't be that lazy ... let me look it up ... it's 96.8 degrees Farenheit. That's pretty darn hot. Max cleaned out the family car and then helped me pack the suitcases (which only made it take twice as long - LOL). Niek took the younger kids to the office to double check that everything was running smoothly on his projects and also surprised everyone with ice cream. What a great way to go out! He didn't bring any back for Max & me, though!

No pretty pictures today, but thanks to Anna for sorting out my problem with yesterday's posting.

Wishing you all well! I will update as possible, and read your blogs when I can. Take care!!
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