04 August 2006
having a great time - wish you were here!
Sorry for my quietness lately - these dial-up Internet connections don't exactly entice me to blog more. And we are having such a great time that I don't want to hover around the computer anyway.

Meeting up with Carol and Patti at ABC Stitch Therapy was wonderful, as you've probably already read on their blogs. I even got to meet Mike, though Cowboy had to stay home. I hope he didn't get into any of Patti's projects while she was gone! We had a great lunch at a golf club across the street, and then Sara and I made the long trek home.

Our stay with Sara and Ken was wonderful. A true rest for the spirit, and joy for the soul. Thank you so much, you guys!

We've been with my Dad and Mary this week and have had a great time toddling around the county. We've been swimming and shopping and sightseeing and I've been working at a little Maine-themed cross stitch project that I really hope to finish today. Daddy and Mary are wonderful and the kids get so excited whenever my Dad gets home from work.

Next week we'll be back at my Mom's, where we'll stay till the end of our vacation. We'll catch up with friends - Nancy & Erik, Kelli and her family, and several others. I also have a few friends to call on the phone - notably, Maria S. I'll catch up with you, don't worry!

Today's the first rainy day we've had since being back in Washington County and the cool air feels pretty good. I hope this finds you all happy & healthy! Thank you for continuing to stop by and read about our adventures.
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