26 July 2006
sun and sand
(Grr. Blogger just ate my posting!)

Here we are in south western Maine, just this side of the New Hampshire border, staying with my dear friend Sara. We are very close to where I spent my earlier childhood years (6 - 12) and the scenery looks so familiar and comforting.

We spent yesterday in Old Orchard Beach with my brother and his family, which was very fun. I can't say that OOB would be my choice of a holiday destination, but it is a fun place to catch up with loved ones. Today we went swimming in the Saco River with Sara and Ken, and the kids had so much fun. So did I - I felt like a kid again!

Tomorrow my mom is being operated on to have a steel plate and pins removed from her leg, so please think positive thoughts for her. She asked that we wait till she's recovered before we come see her, so she and the kids can enjoy each other without the strain of being temporarily physically handicapped. I understand her reasoning, but it's hard to stay away.

We are having such a wonderful time. The love and the beauty surrounding us are just impossible to put into words. It's amazing!
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