29 July 2006
let the good times roll
As I type this, the pond below is a brilliant, deep orange from the setting sun. It's awe-inspiring.

We continue to greatly enjoy our time with Sara and Ken. The kids have been swimming every day, to their utter delight. Sara & I went into Portland today and picked up a few goodies here & there. Tomorrow we will make the drive to ABC Stitch Therapy (which is 3 hours away instead of 2 - I goofed) to meet Carol & Patti. We are both very excited. The menfolk are doing great with the kids. When we came home today, I asked Max if he missed me while I was gone and he said, "Not really." LOL.

My Mom's surgery went well. She's having some discomfort, but that's to be expected. Thank you all so much for your well wishes and good thoughts.

Sadly, our time with Sara is nearing an end. She's one of those truly special friends of the heart.

Wishing you the best during these hot & steamy summer days!
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  • At Saturday, 29 July, 2006, Blogger Carol

    So glad your Mom is well :-)

    3 hours?? Oh, you will make it faster than that - neither Maine nor NH are that wide - LOL!!!! I had forgotten to ask where Sara lives, so I had no idea what kind of distance to guage either... meanwhile, I finished Harvest Moon, so I will bring the chart and leftover silk/beads with me tomorrow - they say it is going to be a hot day!!!

  • At Wednesday, 02 August, 2006, Blogger AnneS

    Good to hear your Mum's surgery went well, and that you're having such a wonderful timing visiting with Sara and Ken. When you find those special friends, they're such a treasure to keep. Have a wonderful time with Carol and Patti - how wonderful that you're getting to meet up face to face ... and a bit of possible retail therapy to boot, doesn't get much better than that!! ;P