31 August 2006
committed for commitments?
Or alternatively titled, I've done it again!

Before I left for Maine, I signed up for two quilt squares for Sam's quilt on Quilts 4 Kids. Sam just really touched me, and it seemed that Linde was having a difficult time getting enough stitchers for his theme. And I'd signed up for a mailart exchange. Then when we returned to Holland, I discovered that I could sign up for the SBEBB, which I've wanted to do for some time now. Naturallly, there were a couple of exchanges there that I wanted to sign up for. Then I read that Kathie from the Hurricane Katherine Quilt Project still hadn't received enough squares for a single quilt, let alone squares enough to do a quilt for each state, so I felt like I had to sign up for a couple of more to send to her. And I'd ignored my borduurquilt group for far too long, so I signed up for two quilt squares. My stitching agenda is full! Max asked me this morning when his bunny would be done - a stitching gift I intended to make him for Easter 2006. I felt reasonably safe when I told him it would be ready for Easter 2007! To make sure I really can get everything done without stressing, I sat down with a calendar and wrote out when to start & finish all the projects - there is time to have them all done by their deadlines!

I love stitching and for some peculiar reason I feel a bit guilty when I do it for myself (or for my family). Has anyone else experienced this?

Regarding the questions I've received about Violette's gift in yesterday's post, it's a Bent Creek design and you can read more about it here.
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  • At Thursday, 31 August, 2006, Blogger Tracy Baby

    Yes Barbara I always feel guilty for stitching for myself ,I think it is because I do give almost everything I make away as gifts, so people are always asking who I'm making whatever I'm working on for and I hate saying its for me.

  • At Thursday, 31 August, 2006, Blogger Anna van Schurman

    I don't feel guilty stitching for myself. Maybe it's because I've already given away a lot of what I've stitched. Now it's time for me.