21 August 2006
settling in
Today was the return to Real Life. Max had his first day of school, which went wonderfully well. Nicky was very upset that he was not also starting school today and pitched quite the fit when he had to go to daycare instead. He had a great day, though. He's Mr. Social, and just loves his playpals there. Rowen also had a wonderful day playing and cooing over a new baby in her group. I actually managed to fully catch up on my workload at the office, and even Niek came home in a fine mood. Hooray!

The kids all wanted their pictures taken yesterday in their finery, and I just have to share these adorable pictures of them. And Gilbert also wanted to show off a bit at Niek's parents, so you can see his beautiful new green feathers that are growing in after his alarming loss of feathers.

I am stitching something very fun, but I can't show you as it's a surprise for a regular reader. Sorry to tease!

Thank you for continuing to visit me here. I'm sorry I haven't yet been able to visit everyone's blog - I am slowly making my way through the ranks. I've missed you all!!
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