30 August 2006
a sea of smiles
Yes, it may be raining to the point that a few people are collecting animals two-by-two, but a few smiles brightened up the gray skies around here today!

First off, Ash came with Joe and Seb for the middle part of the day and we had so much fun! The kids played together non-stop, giving Ash & I a chance to check out each other's current stitching and to just talk. "Just talking" with a grownup is such a treat! Next time, we'll be heading over to their home for an afternoon. Everyone's already looking forward to it.

And I received this adorable picture from Isabelle of her dear Violette enjoying a little giftie I made for her. I loved stitching this Bent Creek pattern, and it was wonderful to hear how happy it made both Violette and Isabelle.

Now, back to that mailart envelope ...

And thank you all very much for your kind comments regarding my new look. I wish my Granny were around to see it.

Edited to add Isabelle's word-association tag:
visit - coffee
cake - chocolate
period - end
triumphant smile
screen - wide
neglect - plants (I finally watered them today, only 2 days late)
guitar - Andy (an old friend who is also an excellent musician)
sugar - maple
montage - collection

I won't tag anyone, but if you'd like to do it, jump in!
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