23 August 2006
who's that?
Thanks for your compliments on my new sidebar picture - that adorable little boy on my lap is Sammy, the more "reluctant" twin of my friend Kelli. He is a little slower to warm up than his brother Stephen, but once he decides that you check out, he's a sweetie. Rowen was thrilled to have TWO babies to coo over when we went to visit Kelli. Here is the complete photo that I borrowed from. Kelli is sitting beside me, and her eldest son, Tyler, is beside her. That's little Stevie on Kelli's lap.

I didn't take my digital camera with me and I haven't yet scanned in all the photos we took, but I can share some digital pictures my brother took of the day we spent together.

Here's one of all our kids together that I just love.

And this is a great one of my baby brother Rich and his son, Cameron, checking out the local delicacies.

We met up at Old Orchard Beach, which is a nightmare for parking, but what a great beach! Here we are, playing in the surf. I forgot to bring my bathing suit, but the water was just too inviting for me to stay on the sand!

We had such a great day together. It's hard to cram two years' worth of catching-up into a single day so we didn't even try. It was cool to just hang out together and watch the kids have fun.

The sun is trying to shine today, so I have high hopes for a walk with all three of the kids this afternoon. I hope that wherever you are and whatever you're doing, your heart is singing a happy song.
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