22 August 2006
i did it!
Yes, by dinnertime tonight I managed to read all the blogs in my sidebar and a few that aren't. If I didn't leave a comment on your blog, it was just because I was green with envy at all the beautiful stitching you managed to accomplish while I was goofing off in Maine. ;>

And I'm going to break down and show you my WIP, which I hope to finish tonight and then finish-finish very soon. My dear friend Anna is arriving in a day or two from Ireland and we'll be kicking up our heels together very soon. We'll all just have to overlook her one small shortcoming - she doesn't cross stitch. Yet...

Seriously, folks, you've created some amazingly beautiful projects during the past month or so! Maybe it's not such a disappointment that I forgot to photograph the couple of things I made (and gave away) during my holiday. They're so tiny in comparison. (But made with love!) I must be one of the slowest stitchers on the planet. Oh well, so long as it continues to keep me on this side of the rooms with padded walls, I mustn't complain.
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  • At Tuesday, 22 August, 2006, Blogger catandturtle

    I LOVE your WIP. Is it a fish store? The lobster tank is so cute. Who is the designer? You are not the slowest stitcher in the world. It took my friend Robyn 2 years to stitch "What Bird?" from Lizzie*Kate. It was insane. :D Ann.

  • At Wednesday, 23 August, 2006, Blogger Kali

    You are definately not the slowest stitcher. I think my personal record is 10 years on Earthdancer from Butternut Road LOL You WIP is adorable!