24 August 2006
teensy weensy bunnikins
I finished my other project today - you'll have to wait till it's received to see pictures - and started my Woodland Mailart. I'm going to do this MA differently than I've done my past ones - getting a little more daring. Instead of lining the envelope with some sort of coordinating fabric, I'm going to basically double the linen so I can stitch the inside, too. This is the inside of the envelope flap.

The color didn't come out (night photos never do), but this is stitched over one on 32 count Jobelan water lily using DMC. The rabbits and tree are from And A Forest Grew, by Karen Kluba. I made the sun up myself.

Today flew by with hours passing like minutes. I managed to muck out the worst of the mess in our spare room in preparation of Anna's arrival tomorrow afternoon. Time flies when you're having fun. LOL
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