18 September 2006
I finished a gift set tonight and I would love to show it to you but I can't ... but I can show you a teeny bit of it.

I'm also working on my Quaker exchange, but I'm a bit stymied about how to ensure the linen won't fray when I cut it. I guess I'm going to have to do a Nun stitch around the edges. I was just looking for a lazy way out. Other than that, it's about ready to hit the post. (The picture shows the lovely scissors that Cathy gave me for my birthday - they are fabulous! Thanks again, Cathy!)

Other than the finishing I did today, I haven't been able to pick up a needle this weekend. Yesterday was filled with school (amazingly, I didn't dream anything Chinese last night) and today I visited with Conny, an online friend I met through eBay, and picked Max up. Lots of driving around. :( Mondays are not usually stitching days, with work, walking the dogs at the animal shelter, and an evening fitness class, but I'll see what I can squeeze in.
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