03 September 2006
I don't know what happened to this weekend! I was supposed to have sunshine and leisure time. I did not. It rained or tried to rain all weekend long. Blech. I'm convinced I'm mildewing. And leisure time? Forget it - I've run around so much that I've met myself coming and going. My big stitching plan this weekend was to finish the first of Sam's quilt squares, and although I did manage to do three of the four small designs around the corners, it's not finished. But I was desperate for a finish, so tonight I whipped out a Lizzie Kate freebie and stitched it up. I needed to get some Christmas ornaments done anyway!

I hope that your weekend was full of good things!

PS: If you'd like this freebie, I got my copy by subscribing to the Daisy Stitches newsletter.
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