24 September 2006
it's been a productive weekend - hooray!
I studied most of the day on Saturday and am reasonably caught up with my coursework. The reading material is interesting, although the parts that are in Dutch had me reaching for my translation dictionary every few moments. It was actually kind of fun to study for a day - it's been a long, long time since my university days, but I was that girl who sat at the library table upstairs by the window for hours & hours on end.

To make up for a total lack of stitching on Saturday, I broke out the turbo needles today and have totally finish-finished my SBEBB smalls exchange. And let me tell you, I am so delighted with the end result that it will truly be a hardship to part with it. I've been going around grinning like an idiot since I cut the linen. Yep, I cut the linen, which means that I successfully excecuted the dreaded Nun's Stitch all the way around this little darling. Thank you so very much for your advice and support!! It was extra important that I become comfortable with this stitch because I'm making bookmarks (soon) to send to Cathy for her adult literacy efforts later this autumn. I'll be working out my stash, and I've decided not to get into lots of extra steps by making backings and stuff for the bookmarks. (It makes them too bulky anyway, in my opinion.) So I'll be doing the Nun Stitch in my sleep by the time it's over!

I can't really show you the completed exchange piece till my partner receives it, but I can't resist giving you a little teeny peek. And if you're in The Hague tomorrow, I just may take it to work with me to admire before I mail it off! (The letters are from a pattern in the October JCS that I just received from Becky - thank you, Becky!)

And, oh yeah, this is the first one off my 50, so only 49 projects to go! LOL!
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