22 September 2006
I haven't fallen off the earth - I've just been embarassed about my slow progress on my Harley logo quilt square. It's kind of monotonous, with only 3 colors, and it's a lot of stitching (no blank canvas!). I've managed to get the middle section done, and here it is:

Max and I paid our Friday afternoon visit to the library today, and while wandering the stacks, I was delighted to discover Merklappen uit de lage landen (Samplers from the Lowlands) by Joke Visser. Though I am a slow reader when it comes to Dutch, I've had a wonderful time reading the histories of the 25 samplers that the book covers. In addition to great color photos of the antique samplers, there are also incredibly clear charts for ten of the samplers. Wow! Max and I both went home as happy campers! I can't find any decent links to this book, so I've taken a couple of pictures to show you how amazing it is. This is my favorite sampler, and can you believe how clear that chart is?

This weekend I won't be doing as much stitching as usual - indeed, I have to face the fact that I won't be doing as much stitching period. My course has a lot of homework involved and I just have to re-prioritize. Less stitching, more studying. Yikes! My first big thing will be to cut down on my deadline stitching. I've been trying to do 2 charity projects per month, and I'll drop that back to one (after I've met my current obligations). I'll also have to be careful about exchanges. It'll take some getting used to, that's for sure!

I hope this finds everyone enjoying the first days of autumn!
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