08 October 2006
froggy fun
It's been a busy but fun weekend. We took the kids and Max's best friend to the circus yesterday. Niek surprised me by springing for ringside seats - what a treat! We could literally touch the animals as they went by. It was incredible! And today we paid a birthday visit to Sven, who is one year old. I always saw that as such a milestone with my own kids.

Tonight I was finally able to pick up my mailart exchange and I think I've finished the stitching on it. I say "think" because I have a terrible tendency to stitch more, but I need to have this in the mail on Friday so I really should stop stitching and start finishing. The theme for this one was woodland creatures and although I can't show the whole thing, I just have to share this little frog.

Otherwise, not much stitching or studying has been done, which is kind of a problem because I have class on Saturday and two exchanges that have to be out on Friday. We will have a very fun mid-week break though, when we go apple-picking with Ash and her boys. Yay!

Oh, for those who have asked, the stash that I showed in my last post was ordered before my 50 Project Challenge. It was a SB&B order and took ages to arrive. I have had so much fun drooling over the patterns!
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