18 October 2006
furbaby fun

Everyone, please welcome Rigby! This morning at 10 am, I picked him up from the shelter and took him to the dog trainer - he loved the car ride! The dog trainer looked us over for a long time, watching how the kids played with each other and with Rigby, how I reacted, and so on. Then we went for a walk so she could see how he reacted to traffic, other dogs, pedestrians, and so on. In the end, she was quite impressed with his calmness and intelligence and we will start a course tomorrow evening. We've missed the first class, but because he catches on so fast, she thinks we can make up the missed material before class.

The kids are really delighted to have him, but not as much as their mom is. He's just great! Looking over his medical records, I see that we just missed his birthday, which was the 10th of this month. That'll be an easy one to remember!

Spin was a little less sure of our newest family member, but he's already calmed down a lot. He couldn't get any response out of Rigby with his Halloween-cat antics, and actually fell asleep a couple of feet away from him.

So far I haven't done any stitching today but there's always this evening!
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