04 November 2006
a star is born!
Today was Max's first volleyball competition - wow! This is a kid that until six months ago would pitch a fit if we even asked him to think about joining a sport. Since joining the volleyball team about 5 weeks ago, he's gone from actively avoiding contact with the ball to being able to hit it and to stay where the action is. We're really proud of him! We thought the 3+ hour game sequence might be too much for Rowen, so she and I took Rigby biking and shopping while the boys went to the game. Niek managed to capture a wonderful action shot of Max hitting the ball.

I'd hoped to post a progress picture of the angel I'm stitching for Mary, Jenna's friend, but I haven't had enough time to make any noticeable progress.

I have, however, made decent preparation toward Sinterklaas this year. The good Saint will appear in the Netherlands in a few weeks and the kids will be able to put their shoes out for gifts. It's a great Dutch custom, though with three kids it does get rather expensive. On December 5th, the Saint delivers gifts to all the kids (not unlike Santa Claus on Christmas Eve). That's always a lot of fun. Anyway, every year I am unprepared but this year I'm all set for the 'shoe nights' leading up to the fifth. Hooray!

Well, back to stitching .... I have some great projects coming up for exchanges. I'm really excited about my partners for the blue Quaker and Christmas ornie exchanges!
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  • At Sunday, 05 November, 2006, Blogger Rachael

    I am seriously impressed. I never manage to be ready for Nicholas or Sinter Klaas more that a day or two ahead of time.

    Good for Max that he is willing to learn and grow with his volleyball. I am 42 and I still haven't grasped that "you have to move toward the ball" thing.

  • At Monday, 06 November, 2006, Blogger Jenna

    Sounds like Max is having a great time at volleyball. I'm glad to hear it!