08 November 2006
they're warm
My needles are warm, though not smoking. I don't know if anyone will ever be able to honestly say that I stitch fast, but I did okay on the latest charity square. One more to finish and post before Friday....

Here is Mary's, first of all, made for SOLAK. I tried a new aida (in white instead of ivory) but I neglected to measure the holes to find out how large (or small!) the final project would be. So I selected a chart that was the right number of stitches (for my ivory aida) and started stitching. I was late starting, and rather stressful about it. Well, I got the first cherub done and realized that the new aida is quite a high count. Silly me, I never thought of that. So instead of winding up with a 4 inch design, I had a 2 inch design. I added a double border to make it look bigger. All design elements were taken from De fil en aiguille (one of my mix & match pieces).

And here is what I started last night after finishing Mary's square. I finished it before lunch today. I went back to my usual ivory to make sure the design would come out the right size this time! This is "Happy as a Lark" by Birds of a Feather, but adapted to meet the size and langauge requirements. It says, roughly translated, "I'm as happy as a bird" but it's also a play on words using the Dutch phrase "vogel vrij" which means 'free as a bird'. I thought it was cheerful and fun and I hope it will make Anneke smile when she receives it. Both are done using the color variations DMC floss, which really adds a lot of fun to washable stitching!

And now on to the next one!

Thank you all for your kindness regarding my recent headaches. I fear I'm allergic not only to Spin and Nachtegaal, but also to Rigby. It's not a really serious red-eyes-can't-breathe kind of allergy, but a headachy, sneezy sort of thing.

Today I hope to get a new (cheap!) sewing machine. Cross your fingers - the old one is on its last ... bobbins. LOL!

My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods) Feeling a little out of it today, probably because I'm tired.
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