08 November 2006
go, girl, go!
Can you believe it? Two finishes in one day, and the bulk of my charity stitching is done on time! I'm tempted to be impressed with myself. This little butterfly passed the Rowen Test, so if Hanneke is a tough but very girly girl I can rest assured she'll love it. Rowen kept coming over to check my progress on it this evening and to tell me how pretty it was. :)

Barb mentioned that I'd been rocking through my 50 Challenges (ticker at the bottom of this page), and it does sort of look that way, but ... ahem ... it isn't the whole story. I've set up a temporary blog called Mainely Stashing that gives the naked truth.

Now I can study for the rest of the week, right? LOL!!

Till the next crunch time comes up, color me: My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)
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