18 November 2006
everybody loves a parade

Sinterklaas arrived in Gouda today! Hooray! Though we were later going to the festivities than in years past (due to Max's volleyball match), it actually worked out much better. We had a front row seat (so to speak) to watch the good man pass by. Nicky and Rowen were beside themselves with excitement.

After the parade through town, there is a speech given from atop city hall, shown in this picture. This is where Niek and I were married - it's a gorgeous Gothic building from the 15th century. Rigby was becoming hard to handle at this point, so we all biked home again.

Once home, I finally broke my new sewing machine (70 euros!!) out of the box and completed two charity Christmas items that I hope to get in Monday's mail. It works so much better than the ancient thing I had been using, and actually does thing like button holes and specialty stitches, and it has a zipper foot so perhaps I can finally get around to making some decent pillows for the living room.

Tonight I hope to get a bit more stitching done. Wish me luck!
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  • At Sunday, 19 November, 2006, Blogger Mary Ann

    How fun! I always loved the excitement my kids had seeing Santa Claus and the wait for Christmas when they were young. And, I'll be looking forward to seeing more sewing finishes, too! The stockings are cute!