21 November 2006
stitching the night away ... well, not really
My eyeballs feel like it is much later than it is. I've started on one of my exchanges, and since I'm about 99.99% sure that the recipient does not read my blog I think it's safe to post a 'halfway' progress picture. This is an older Blackbird Designs chart that I've wanted to do for some time. And it's the first time that I've actually had all the GAST fibers called for in a project! LOL - that FOTM club from Stitching Bits and Bobs is really paying off!

I had my first night back at my old gym last night. I've been wondering ever since why I ever left - it felt great to be back! Of course I do know the reason why I left (it's bloody expensive!) but it sure is great to be back. Today I've only got some muscle pain in my upper abdomen. Not too bad.

Tonight we were surprised by a home inspection from the Animal Protection League to make sure that Rigby's being well cared for. You could've knocked me over with a leaf, I was so surprised. Other than our French bull, Xavier, I've gotten all my animals from animal shelters and I have never had a surprise home inspection! Luckily, they were not freaked out by the chaotic craziness that descends on our house after the kids are carbed-up and haven't yet been hit by a tranquilizer dart. LOL! They were well pleased with how Rigby looks and acts and how obviously comfortable he is in our family. As for me, I'm really relieved that I cleaned the house before dinner tonight instead of after the kids went to bed (like usual)! And of course I'm very happy that we get to keep Rigby - he's become such a part of our family that I can't imagine not having him.

I'm trying to get serious about Christmas shopping ... and my poor head is a whirl. I think I've got it down, though. Cross your fingers!
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  • At Wednesday, 22 November, 2006, Blogger Jenna

    What a wonderful picture of the handsome Mr. Rigby! I'm pleasantly surprised by your home inspection, as well, and glad to hear that they are happy with how he is doing. :)