22 November 2006
first exchange of this round done

Here's my Blackbird Designs ornament - I tried a no-sew finishing method that I'm not entirely satisfied with. It looks too lumpy, I think. Hopefully the recipient won't mind. And of course, I'll include some nice gifties to make up for the bit of lumpiness.

Today has been cold and wet and we've spent most of the day indoors. I let the kids have sort of an afternoon party, since we won't be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. I went out of my way the first couple of years that we lived here trying to create a memorable Thanksgiving for the kids, but it felt so artificial and created so much stress that I've stopped trying. I really want to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family (parents, siblings, etc.) and trying to create something new with friends just doesn't fill that need. Maybe we'll win the lottery and can fly home for Thanksgiving in the future. LOL

In addition to wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, I want to send get well wishes to Annemarie, Ash, Mollie, and a few other friends who have been ill. You guys take care of yourselves!!
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  • At Wednesday, 22 November, 2006, Blogger Jenna

    Happy non-Thanksgiving to you, then. :) I'm glad that you are no longer putting that stress upon yourself. I think your finish looks really nice. Lumpiness is just par for the course with filling. I'm never quite satisfied with how my stuffing turns out in finishes either. :) Besides, you want it to look handmade, and not mass-produced by some factory workers!