07 December 2006
You must think I've gone shutterbug crazy with all the pictures I've put in lately. These are all stitchy pics.

First off, a decent shot of the very lovely ornament that Judith sent for the SBEBB ornament exchange. Yesterday's picture didn't do it justice.

And the ornament that I made for the same ornie exchange safely arrived in Elisabeth's home in France. One of her favorite designers is Blackbird Designs, so it wasn't hard for me to find a design I really liked. (It was a bit harder to narrow the choice to only one design.) This is the no-sew finishing method using fusible interfacing.

I finished the last bookmark that I'll be able to do for Cathy's EGA chapter - I wish I could do more but I hit a few days in which needle and thread didn't meet and you know how that slows everything down. This is One Dozen by Bent Creek. My remnant of 32 ct Silkweaver Princess Pink wasn't long enough, so I call it the Lucky Seven Bookmark. LOL

And here is Twinkle The Fairy, a little freebie from Cross Stitch Kits that I will finish as some sort of cute ornament for our neighbor who watches Spin the Cat when we're away. She is an angel in my book!

Guess who bought a Christmas tree and wreath today? wink, wink Hopefully I won't hurt any feelings by doing it without Niek, but otherwise we'd have to wait till Tuesday and I just can't wait that long! Sunday evening, we'll all decorate and drink hot cocoa and listen to carols. I can hardly wait!
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