23 December 2006
in spite of myself, a holiday happy dance
Okay, I decided at the last possible minute to stitch Niek a surprise gift, ignoring the fact that I had pretty much no time to stitch it, let alone finish it. But I just HAD to make this for him. I knew how I wanted it to look when finished and, well, I just had to make it. This morning when he left to run the last pre-Christmas errands and I saw how much more there was to do, I had to admit that it was going to be impossible to finish it today ... unless I abridged the design. So, my apologies to Annemiek for hacking off part of her gorgeous design, but in the end I was able to finish-finish this today and I'm happy with it.

Christmas Reindeer Sampler by The Needle's Content

I tried all sorts of new finishing techniques on this one, and had quite a time with that velvet ribbon. I wanted to ruche it, but I didn't like how it looked when I did this by running a thread through the ribbon and then pulling it tight so I did it by stitching it down and putting the puckers in it as I went along. Took awhile to find the "right" method for doing this, but next time I will be able to do it faster and easier. And hopefully without breaking any more needles! The tassle is purchased, but it went so perfectly with the velvet ribbon that it seemed silly to go home and make one that might not match as well.

I am really happy with how it came out, and the verse (I will honor Christmas in my heart and share my joy with you) is absolutely perfect for what I wanted to say to Niek. Annemiek, thanks for a great design!

The kids are all tucked up for the night, perhaps with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. Our pets are even quiet tonight. It's very dark out and the tree is lit and the kitchen is clean ... all elements of a wonderfully peaceful night. Tomorrow evening, we'll open our gifts, in the tradition of my Gram and Gramps, who opened gifts on Christmas Eve. I would love to be back in their warm, snug living room, each of them in their own special chair, with the babble of my aunts' voices and the anticipation of my cousins and myself .... I miss them most days, but every Christmas Eve, a little part of me gets to go home to them.

Wishing everyone peace through the holidays and the New Year.
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  • At Sunday, 24 December, 2006, Blogger Jenna

    Your ornament for Niek turned out wonderfully! I'm glad that you were able to whip out such a quick finish. See, you aren't a slow stitcher! Merry Christmas you, Niek, Max, Nicky and Rowen! Oh, and Phoebe sends her Christmas wishes to Rigby. ;)