16 December 2006
twinkle toes ... not
Those who've known me for a long time (affectionate wave to Sara in particular) know that I am not a graceful person. I've tried. I've made concerted efforts over the years to at least give the impression that I am not the reluctant owner of two defective left feet. The last attempt was dance lessons. The other people in the class laughed at me. It's just too sad. Anyway, on my way to pick Max up at school Thursday afternoon, my bike, the dog, and myself all attempted to go in different directions. The result may have been comical to onlookers, but was very painful for me. I limped around on Thursday, pretending it didn't really hurt that badly. On Friday I gave in, went to the doctor who thought the foot was probably broken and sent me on to the hospital for X-rays. The two X-rays didn't turn up a break, though they couldn't say what was wrong. The usual advice was given - keep off it, keep it elevated. Which I'm doing with a tremendous amount of grumbling. I did have loads of stitching time in the waiting rooms, however, and have finished off two Christmas ornaments for next year. That's right - I'm too late to make ones for everyone I want to make them for (and I'm just thinking of family - friends require yet another 3 page list!) so I'm getting a leg up on next year (can't resist the pun!). Thanks to Nicki for setting up the monthly ornie SAL, which has me very motivated!

Without further ado, here is Ruth Sparrow's "Be Joyful" (quite changed about from the chart) and Hands to Work's "Christmas Stocking Ornament". Be Joyful is stitched over one and over two using DMC linen threads for a homespun look. Hopefully it doesn't just look like one of the kids did it. LOL. Merry Christmas is stitched over one on 28 ct. wheaten linen using my choice of NPS silks. The green background fabric is also what the stocking has on the flip side.

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  • At Sunday, 17 December, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous

    Oh no, sorry to hear about your foot ... but great excuse to sit and stitch ;) Your latest ornies are lovely ... how cute is that tiny wee stocking?? Love them :D Hope you're up and around OK soon :D

  • At Thursday, 21 December, 2006, Blogger Jenna

    Oh Barbara, you poor thing! You sound like me. I'm forever running into things or falling or doing some other clutzy move and hurting myself. I hope that you are starting to feel better already. *hug*