08 January 2007
just what the doctor ordered
Wow, what a wonderful weekend away! Niek booked us a vacation house in Emmen for the weekend and it was wonderful. As if the getaway weren't great enough, he spoiled me further by doing the cooking and shopping as well. Boy, did I ever luck out!

We arrived rather later Friday afternoon than planned and it was already getting dark so we just tucked up and enjoyed the house. On Saturday we went to the Noorder Dierenpark, a very unique zoo where a number of the animals actually wander around free. They also have a butterfly house - if I lived anywhere nearby, I'd go to that daily for a dose of magic. Those butterflies flitting around, jewel-bright, are like tiny fairies. Incredible. We saw crocodiles that actually moved, armadillos, elephants, and so much more. On Sunday, we took the kids to the indoor play area at the vacation park and they had a blast jumping into the balls, climbing ropes, sailing ships, and telling the other kids what to do. They aren't shy children ...

We wrapped the weekend up with a stop at McDonalds where all three kids got a Furby in their Happy Meal, which seemed like the crowning glory. They all slept with their little French fry-smelling critters and snuck them off to daycare and school today.

Today I went back to work and tonight I could finally resume fitness. My foot is still sensitive, but I managed to get through most of my routine and tonight it only hurts a little bit. Hard to believe that such a silly thing can be a bother for such a long time.

Not too much stitching done, but lots of fun has been had. I hope the same is true for you (the fun part, not the lack of stitching! LOL!).

These pictures are clickable. :)

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