17 July 2005

Returning to normal...

We're on our 7th load of post-camping laundry. Does it ever end? And due to an upcoming visit with the in-laws (any minute now), I've been scurrying around like a lunatic trying to make the house look like I've been cleaning for the past week instead of hanging out at beaches. The downstairs looks fine, but I sure hope no one ventures upstairs.

The kids all seem to be happy to be home again. They grew by leaps and bounds while we were gone and I have had to sort through their closets to remove too-small clothes and replace them with the next size up. With 3 kids, that seems to be a never-ending process. Nicky is now wearing clothes that it seems like Max only outgrew a year or so ago, and Rowen is almost wearing the same size as Nicky. Today Nicky is wearing a Rainforest Cafe iguana T-shirt that was always a favorite of mine when Max had it. It seems weird to see it on Nicky.

Our camera seems to be okay, after restoring all the original settings, recharging the battery, and deleting all the pictures on it. Knock wood....

And the lovely picture I posted last time was of my father, Jim, and his mother, Arline Chatterton. I've always really liked that picture and knowing who is in it makes it much more special.

I haven't gotten any cross stitching done to speak of, which has me feeling all out of sorts. There are several projects I want/need to get done, but I feel like I am falling more & more behind. I hope to finish a small one tonight, a peacock from The Workbasket, and maybe that will get me back on track. I am at least a little bit caught up on my email correspondence. It's amazing how things pile up when you're away for a few days!

I am posting the few pictures of the kids that we were able to take on holiday before the camera had its breakdown. Now the in-laws are here, and off I go!
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