20 July 2005
For a blog that's supposed to be about stitching, there has been precious little activity in that area for awhile now. Last night I could've - should've! - stitched all evening: Niek was away at a chess game (he won!), the kids were actually quiet (until 4 am, anyway), and I'm certainly eager to close up the two small WIPs I had in progress.

Wait ... two small WIPs I "had" in progress? What's changed? Well, this afternoon it dawned on me that a special little boy is turning one year old in about 2 weeks and I hadn't begun his gift yet. Oops. Oh my. Oh dear. Everything was ready, but I thought his birthday was the end of August, not the beginning. So for about 30 minutes before I had to begin dinner preparations, I started a new project. Another small one. This one's pretty simple - honest! - and I have to finish it very fast. I love the colors, but I can't post it until it's been recieved just in case his mommy peeks here.

On another subject, where ever Jim is, I wish he'd contact me and let me know he's okay. I worry.
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