28 July 2005

We went to Utrecht today, and I finally found the little shop I'd heard about from other Dutch stitchers (de Vlijt) and picked up three great little chart booklets that I'm just thrilled with. And if that weren't a big enough gift, I found my Silkweaver order had arrived with three big pieces of fabric and *ahem* several small pieces. Time to learn to stitch with my toes!
We actually went to Utrecht today so my Dad could see the beautiful city center. We ate lunch at a terrace on one of the grachtenkelders (tiny little restaurants perched precariously just above the canal waterways that crisscross the city) so my dad could really soak up the ambience. We had a drink later under under the Utrechtse Dom and soon after headed homeward (but first stopping by de Vlijt, of course!).
My dad's visit is going well, but the time seems to be going by faster as each day passes. Tonight we are off to a Chinese restaurant where you select your own food from a raw/fresh salad bar and have the chef cook your dish to your specifications. It's YUMMY!
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