20 October 2005
Hearts & Flowers additional info
Wow, everyone, thanks so much for the wonderful comments. I feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

I've had a number of questions about the design, fibers, etc. which I will try to answer here. The chart is by Kathy Barrick-Dieter, of Carriage House Samplings, in 2003. It's not a design I've seen around very much for some reason. It does not come in a kit (so far as I am aware). I did not follow the color scheme, either. I used an autumn range of silks from my stash. The heart, phrase, and alphabet are done in "October Sky", a limited edition from the Thread Gatherer's Silk N' Colors range. It took nearly the whole skein, which sadly was my only one. The golds and rusts are also from Silk N' Colors (rusty amber, sunflower yellow, autumn honey). The greens are Needlepoint Silks Inc. Here and there I used some Kreinik silk mori. The linen is a 28 ct Cashel linen Silkweaver solo. Lakeside Linens has a regular color in their vintage line that comes close to this. I love the mottled, vintage effect. I think it would've looked even better done on a 32 ct, but then the Silk N'Colors would have been too bulky.

I am going to finish the piece as a pillow using natural, overdyed silk from The Natural Dye Studio. They have an eBay store and they're a seller I can happily recommend. I bought some other items that I've already used from them and the quality and shipping are excellent. You do have to be careful about exposing natural dyes to sunlight, though. With this item that won't be a problem - we'll keep it in our room to protect it from our wee beasties!

Once again, I thank you all. This was a wonderful project and your response made it even more fun and fulfilling!
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