16 October 2005
friends and family weekend
Hello all. No new stitching pictures to share right now - it's been a weekend tied up doing fun things with friends and family. I did get the material needed to finish my Halloween mailart exchange done - can you believe I did not have any orange or pumpkin-y fabric? I will post this project as soon as I can. I'm eager to share it, but the recipient has this address and I don't want her to see it.

Yesterday we were with friends in Delft. Anja is a good friend from my early days in this country and she really took me under her wing (so to speak) during a rough patch 6 or so years ago. It's always a pleasure to get together with her and our kids play very happily together.

After our visit, we took the little fellas out to a restaurant. Ha ha. I bet they are still talking about us! I always took Max out to restaurants, from an early age, so he'd learn 'restaurant manners' (good advice from my parents). But we have not done that with Nicky & Rowen, and boy is it obvious!! Most people thought they were cute despite their antics, except the nasty chain-smoking couple in the corner. What kind of people chain smoke around little children in this day and age?! We all know the effect of 2nd hand smoke. Furthermore, I'm asthmatic and was practically dying in my chair, but they would not cease and desist. So maybe I didn't hold Rowen's crayon-throwing in check when she threw in their direction ... (bad mommy!)

Yesterday was also Sara's birthday. Happy (belated) birthday Sara! For anyone who doesn't know, Sara is the dear friend who taught me to cross stitch. She also taught me how to taste wine, how to double check that my skirt is not tucked into my nylons before going out, and a lot about how to enjoy life. She's a one-of-a-kind super-terrific always-in-my-heart friend. I hope you enjoyed your special day to the hilt, Sara!!

I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy!
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