07 October 2005
I'm all out of 'em.

Niek, the man who'll wear his underwear till they are more hole than material, who wears his Tshirts long past the stage where you truly can read a paper thru them, told me this morning that my shirt was a bit too ... well, used! ... to wear to work. Yesterday he pointed out that my pants were decidedly unflattering.

It must be admitted that I am one of those apparently very rare women who absolutely abhors clothes shopping. And, okay, the clothes I was wearing were older than most of our kids. I think Max was up to 2 & 3 word sentences the last time I went clothes shopping and actually bought clothes.

So this afternoon I ventured out thinking really, how hard can it be to find one or two stretchy-type pullover thingies and a pair of pants? Three stores later I was dangerously close to tears and convinced that if only I could sing, I would do any opera proud. You know, for the end part, where the fat lady sings.

What do they DO to those changing room mirrors? Surely I don't really look like that? Botticelli's Bathing Beauties, Rueben's Runway - I could be a star. Tomorrow I have my hour & half yoga workout, maybe I can convince myself that all is not lost.

Today's artwork is borrowed from here.
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