01 October 2005
september recap, on to october
My calendar is stubbornly insisting that today is October first. Of course, I know better - that would be impossible. It can't be later than the 12th or 13th of September, surely?

I'm embarassed to do this, but here are my September goals and how far I got with them:
1. Progress on Good Things
This has become a temporary UFO. I had to admit around the 17th that I could not possibly get this done in time for my anniversary. Replaced by "Hearts & Flowers."
2. Complete mailart exchange.
Done (except the finishing, but my goal referred to the stitching).
3. Stitch twins' names on birth samplers.
Not done. 50 lashes with a corded pinkeep.
4. Stitch birth gift for friends.
5. Complete house section on mom's garden sampler.
Not done! I'm sure there is a special punishment for procrastinating, cross stitching daughters in the afterlife.
6. Complete other quilt squares for OECS charity.
Not done and charity leader informed. I have come to the realization that my 'outside' stitching commitments have gotten out of hand and are seriously affecting my overall stitching enjoyment.
7. Compose original Sylkamode envelope.
Not done.
8. Grammie Davis sampler.
Not done.
9. Enter one competition piece.
Done. Entered two, actually.
10. Don't buy new stash.
Failed to a shocking degree.

Ahem. Rather embarassing. Maybe no one will read today's post.

What did I do this month?
* I have made good progress on "Hearts & Flowers" which replaces "Good Things".
* I've started Aunt Hattie's Christmas gift.
* I've organized a meeting of wonderful stitchers from "around here" and enjoyed a great day here at home with them. I've met some new online friends, too. Through my stitching friends, I've been exposed to some new designers and worked up the courage to begin some BIG projects after the Christmas holidays.
* I've worked on the planning stages of a too-cool RR with Annemarie, Rachael, Dianne & Novia. More on this in the new year.
* I've scaled down my outside projects and that's made me feel a lot better.
* I've reorganized all my stash so I can actually find what I want in moments instead of needing half a day. LOL.

This month has also seen about 3 weeks of illness - every single one of us has been sick at least 2 full days this month! There's also the weird acclimation to the new season, which just seems to drain the energy right out of a person. We've had something like 5 free school days, which has wrecked havoc with work (that place that pays me to buy stash when I'm supposed to be on the wagon LOL).

I don't even dare make "promises" for October. I am looking now toward everything I hope to do between now & Christmas, which I've listed in my sidebar. I'll cross things out as I complete them.

The sun is shining, my muscles are nicely tired from a grueling 1 1/2 hour yoga workout with Dominatrix Trix. She's not really a dominatrix, but she could be! She's a fantastic instructor, truth be told, and it's always good to know where one's absolute boundaries lay. I'm going to hop back on my bike now and take Rowen shopping while Niek and Nicky visit the barber. Our Maxie is off for the weekend, hopefully having good fun.

Today's pictures are one of my versions of Erick Christian's "Little Tugger"(I did a day version and a night version for the twins' birth samplers) and Rowen & Max on the sofa yesterday morning.
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