17 September 2005
a good time was had by all
This afternoon some beautiful stitching was shown & admired - here in my living room! After many weeks of planning and waiting, a small group of Dutch-based stitchers gathered for our first face-to-face meeting. Everyone brought some WIPs and/or finished pieces, and boy were they gorgeous! I was more than a little shy to show my much smaller, less challenging work, but everyone enjoyed seeing each other's different styles and designs. Joke had some of the most incredible Chatelaine projects with her. Ina brought Celtic Christmas (wow!!) and a stunning design of two dancers featuring a lot of white on white. Novia brought a painstakingly detailed over-one project that I have got to ask the name of the designer. Annemarie brought "Where the wind blows", which I've been dying to see, the French perpetual calendar freebie well as two Prairie Schoolers and a couple of other WIPs. Marlies left before the show & tell started, but she lives very closeby so I will get to see her work soon I hope. I'd like to thank everyone for coming - especially Annemarie and Ina who made very long trips to get here - and to thank you for a very fun afternoon. I hope we'll do it again soon!

The biggest thanks of the day goes to Niek, who began to feel ill at 11:00 but still managed to take care of the kids and help out in general. Thanks, Niek - you're the best!!
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