07 September 2005
my sbq of the week
Everyone seems to be asking the same question, so I'll ask a stitching bloggers' question of my own this week:

What is the most important thing you get from stitching?

For me, I would have to say it's the great feeling I have at the end of a project. I can look at it and know "Hey, I did this!". But tied up in that feeling is the daily relaxation I get out of the stitching itself. I rarely display my projects, so for me it's all about the stitching culminating in a completed project.

The friendships I've made as a result of stitching can't be overlooked, either!
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  • At Wednesday, 07 September, 2005, Blogger Isabelle

    This is a great question! How about suggesting it to Renée for the SBQ?

    Barbara, when I read your comment about your naugthy cat I burst out laughing. What a gruesome story. Cats can be so odd-tempered, but how can a cat be so naughty?!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing the story. You really gave me a good laugh :D

  • At Wednesday, 07 September, 2005, Blogger Barbara

    Sweet Jane, as the kitty was inappropriately named, is the only pet I've ever had who didn't like me. I never could figure her out. Our current feline and I get along very well :-)

    Glad you liked the question!

  • At Wednesday, 07 September, 2005, Blogger Lelia

    Ditto. I think you should share your SBQ - with Renee for the 'group' response. would be most interesting.

    Your question requires some pondering .... off the top of my head, I can only say I enjoy stitching (verb) -- talking about stitching (?adjetives) -- cannot unknot the friendships made. For me, stitching is like meditation and prayer. A quiet & peaceful mind -- resting + creating at the same time.

  • At Wednesday, 07 September, 2005, Blogger Barbara

    It certainly prevents mental meltdown for me! LOL