31 August 2005
august revisited

Amazingly enough, it appears that the last day of August is upon us. Which means it's time to take a look back at those August personal challenges and see what's been done and what remains undone. (How has everyone else been doing with personal To Do lists this month?)

1. Resolve some open health issues.
Nicky's surgery has been a resounding success. Little fella has enough energy to supply one of the townships back home in Maine with electricity for the whole dark month of December. I have also been to the doc and we've politely agreed to disagree. I'm on an herbal regimen that includes St. John's Wort, black cohosh and a few other exotic sounding supplements.

2. Finish 2 small projects for Silkweaver competition.

3. Complete (at least) 2 more panels on my Mom's garden sampler.
I've done 1 1/3.

4. Buy another folder ...and get charts organized (again!).

5. Begin gift for Niek.
Done, but I'm worried my progress is too slow.

6. Begin to chart out "Edrie Says" - a sampler I want to create based on a saying my Grandmother used to repeat to my dad and his siblings when they were the age of my kids.
Not done. :-(

7. Get some ideas going for the Sylka Mailart Challenge.
I have to graph it out, but I do have a pretty solid idea for one envelope in the category for designs that are not your own. I would still like to come up with a totally original work to also submit.

8. Finalize the plans for the stitchers' get-together.
Done as much as possible since some people are still iffy about coming or haven't responded at all to my request for a yes-no.

In addition:
I've done 3 additional squares for OECS and really got the word out about this very worthwhile charity that supplies lap quilts for nursing home residents. Naomi reports a good surge in the number of new volunteers. Thanks to all who have joined!!

I have joined two new charities: Angel Quilt Project and Borduren Voor Gezondheid. The Angel Quilt Project also has a branch in the US. They take quilt squares - no deadlines! - to make quilts for hospitalized children. Do check out their site. Borduren voor Gezondheid is a Dutch-based charity that collects small hand crafted items to sell, donating all the proceeds to (health-related) charity. Today's picture, Swirly Sheep, is going to this charity as are a few other small items I've made.

I have survived a 2 week bout of miserable sinusitis.

I've rejoined yoga/Pilates and have gone once or twice a week faithfully.

I met all my deadlines at work. :-)
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