29 August 2005
autumn is here

Nah, I don't mean the actual season of autumn. Actually, for the past two days we've had really fine weather. I have finished the autumn panel of my mom's French garden project. This panel, for whatever reason, had me pulling out my hair. After tearing it out for the third time, I set the whole thing aside. Cross stitching is, for me, relaxation and enjoyment. When it becomes frustrating and I lose the fun of doing it, it's time to move on. Well, after all those kitties, I was truly ready for something else and silken gardens seemed a pretty big change.

Yes, the panel still contains an error, which because of the symmetry of the design carried through and now this square is assymetrical. I knew if I had to tear it out again, this would become a UFO and that was just too sad. So my answer to the error? "Art, like nature itself, can fall short of perfection." That doesn't make it any less lovely in its own right.

Guess who can let go of perfection? It's only taken me 36 years to LTFU! (Pardon my language!!).
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