24 August 2005
The Zandy-Cat Teapot by Mosey 'N Me

Here is number three in the continuing quilt-squares-for-charity series. A nursing home resident in the UK requested a lap quilt featuring cats, and I'm doing my best to give her a nice variety! :-)

I nearly finished it last night, but it just got too late.

Once again, if anyone out there has a bit of extra time and thread, I hope you'll consider stitching for charity. It's a chance to do something you love while making someone very, very happy. For a short list of charities, have a look at Anita's list.

(I am now stepping off my soapbox.)
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  • At Wednesday, 24 August, 2005, Blogger Lelia

    Barbara: First...Lovely teapot! I'll have to look at Anita's link tomorrow.

    Second ... thanks for stopping by my blog. You can ask any parent questions you like. From my experience, there are really only two rules: 1) Talk to your children every day 2) Be honest with them. If they trust you, they will let you into their lives -- if they aren't comfortable talking with you (as a parent) they will ask somebody else. You don't want that!!!

  • At Wednesday, 24 August, 2005, Blogger Barbara

    Howdy Lelia! Honesty is foremost in our household, coupled with respect. How's your daughter doing? And thanks for your compliment on the piece. Nicky calls it 'kitty cuppa tea'.