15 August 2005

School's Open!
Today was Max’s first day back in school. We got to school early – before they’d opened the doors – so we could say hello to his teacher and find a good place to sit that was neither too close nor too far from his teacher. And of course, the spot beside him had to be saved for his best friend! Although he was still the teensiest bit nervous when we arrived at school, by the time I left 10 minutes later he was laughing and having a grand time.

This year Max is in group 4, which roughly translates to second grade. He’s in a Jenaplan school, and among other things this means he has the same homeroom teacher for 3 years running. His teacher has grades 1 through 3, and the kids work on different levels of the same sorts of assignments. I think it’s a bit like the old fashioned one-room school house. It gives the kids a real sense of security to have the same teacher year in & year out, and older kids get a great sense of responsibility by helping their younger classmates. Max told me he was ready to help the “little kids” in his group, but “they were pretty smart” and didn’t need much help.

Before Max left this morning, dressed to kill, he kindly allowed me to take some pictures - at the end, he insisted I get in the picture too, so we set the timer and I ran for it! Nicky & Rowen found it all so much fun they just couldn’t hold still, as you can see.

In the stitching news, which really can't compare to the thrill of a new school year, I'm thinking envelopes. I've signed up for this Halloween envelope mailart exchange with one of my online groups, but I also have two good friends with autumn birthdays and I'd like to stitch something for them. There's this one chart I've been dying to try ... :-)
And on the health front, tonight was my first night back in my old Pilates/Power Yoga group. Tonight was Pilates, and although I used to find that a fairly easy hour-long workout, my thigh muscles are decidedly wobbly feeling tonight, and I suspect my abdominal muscles will protest tomorrow. I'll follow an hour & a half long yoga session on Saturday mornings. It's not only an excellent toning & conditioning program, it also fosters a very intense awareness that's been lacking in my life recently. It is so easy to fall into the rushing routine of one day tumbling on the heels of the day before it ... to miss the subtleties and nuances that make each moment a unique experience. And I'm of such a terribly impatient nature that I really require someone or something to make me stop and just simply live in the moment. Kids seem to do that so instinctively, so naturally. When, and why, do we lose the knack of it as we grow up and grow older?
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